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Jeffery Lab

  Kate JefferyClimbing ratGrid cell spatial autocorrelation



  Sept 2015 - Some personnel changes:  Jonathan Wilson and Lave Yozano are on the cusp of submitting their PhD theses, and will be defending later in the term. We wish them both well.

James Street will be starting a PhD on the MBChB programme, and Han Yin Cheng will be starting an MSc/PhD, both in the coming weeks. Welcome!
  The lab was recently awarded a five-year Wellcome Investigator Award to pursue its study of complex space. The grant funds three postdocs and we will be looking at place, head direction and grid cells in multi-compartmented and three-dimensional spaces.

 About us


My lab is interested in how neurons encode complex space. The pictures above show (middle) a rat exploring a complex vertical space, and (right) the activity profile of a single spatial neuron, a grid cell. See Research for more info about what we are interested in.



See here for the people in my lab.

My address and contact details are:

Prof KJ Jeffery
Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience
Department of Experimental Psychology
Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
26 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AP
tel: 020 7679 5308