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Geographical Crime Analysis Masterclass

London, September, 2010

Kernel density estimation for hotspot mapping

“Excellent course, extremely informative and gave examples that I will be able to implement and develop back in my organisation and share internally.”  Environmental Crime Officer

"Superb, not too complicated, yet detailed enough to add value to my work.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course – it has helped me to understand how to create better maps in future and when/when not to use KDE maps”.

“It’s been really useful to actually understand how KDE maps are generated and not just rely on default values”.

Identifying emerging problem areas

“Excellent course, informative and practical.”

“Good course with many practical applications.”

“Excellent course, subjects covered thoroughly despite short time-scale.”

“An excellent course.  These techniques will become even more important to use and adopt as resources become more scarce.”

Spatial significance mapping using GI*

“Very good mix between theory and practical examples.”

“Excellent presentation and explanation (especially for novices!).”

“Very professional teaching, easy to understand, very useful for practical application.”

“Good foundation.  Good mix of examples and lecture/theory.”

Training CDRP responsible authority members in the preparation and use of strategic assessments, problem solving and development of community safety partnership plans

November, 2008

“It was excellent, really made me think.”  Partnership Coordinator

“[I learnt] the framework and reasoning behind strategic assessments and partnership plans.  Information on how intelligence fits in.”  CDRP Analyst

October, 2008

“All trainer’s delivery very good.  Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about subject.”  CSP Coordinator

“Good overview of the subject – lots of thought-provoking points.  Sharing best practice very useful in this emerging area.”  Partnership Data Analyst

“This course gave me a good strategic overview and assisted putting/confirming the direction of my work”  CDRP Manager

Improving performance for Crime and Drugs Partnership

“Enjoyable, worthwhile, informative, thought provoking.”  Partnership liaison officer

“[the course] led you to water and made you drink!” Police Intelligence Analyst

“It was fantastic.”  Government Office Partnership Support Team

“[I learnt] the scientific basis to problem solving which gave a sound footing to an approach which I’ve used for years!”  Community Safety Manager

“I have already used the training in my area of business and will continue to do so.  It has provided me with the tools to look wider at the problem rather than quick hits.” Detective Inspector

“I will use what I have learned to supervise my analyst more effectively.” Partnership Development Manager

“Really interesting and worthwhile”  Partnership Analyst

Crime reduction for EA and DEFRA: A one-day masterclass
London, July, 2007

“Well worth attending, I will take a great deal away.”  Environment Officer

“Very impressed with knowledge of trainers and their delivery style.” Welsh Assembly Government

“Useful principles, which, if implemented properly by the EA could considerably impact positively on our intelligence model.”  Environment Officer

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