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Roger Aldridge

Roger Aldridge, Director KPMG Forensic


Mob: 07789 943080

An experienced Chief Police Officer with both a local and national police background. Has led significant national criminal policy issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and delivered national multi-agency initiatives in organised crime and criminal asset recovery. In achieving this has worked alongside colleagues from other national law enforcement agencies and with Government. Roger is one of the few ACPO officers with experience of both national organised crime investigation and local police force operations. Roger is now a Director at KPMG Forensic developing their services in support of law enforcement agencies.

Career Highlights

  • Played a key role in creating the new Serious Organised Crime Agency. As the ACPO lead on Organised Crime and in his role as part of the Serious Organised Crime Agency Programme Team.
  • Led nationally for the Association of Chief Police Officers on criminal asset recovery and the government anti-money laundering strategy. He personally persuaded Government to change policy to permit “incentivisation” of police forces by allowing them to reclaim a proportion of the assets recovered.
  • Changed the face of policing by creating new multi-agency Regional Asset Recovery Teams and the National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre (NSLEC).
  • Chaired regional and national conferences on the development of forensic science in policing.

Key Skills

  • Strategic problem solving

For example Roger has undertaken detailed examination of the services currently provided to police forces by SOCA precursor agencies, to identify future responsibilities which can transfer to ACPO, and areas of support which SOCA should increase.

  • Negotiating partnership initiatives

He brought together five separate agencies to create the first national “Specialist Law Enforcement Centre” training covert investigation skills. Roger set up and Chaired the inaugural NSLEC Board.

  • Developing and implementing innovative solutions

Roger undertook a strategic review of the Central Motorway Policing Group, working with four police forces and the Highways Agency he refocused the police effort into tackling criminality on the motorways, allowing new partners to deal with non police issues.

  • Strategic leadership of large scale projects

Roger developed and implemented Regional Asset Recovery Teams, a new national multi-agency investigative resource tackling money laundering and criminal profits.

  • Chairmanship of national level conferences and workshops

Roger has chaired numerous national conferences including the ACPO national conference on scientific support and national conferences on asset recovery.

Career Summary

January 2006 to present
Director, KPMG Forensic

August 2004 to December 2005
Assistant Chief Constable, Serious Organised Crime Agency Programme Team.

2001 to 2004
Deputy Chief Constable, Warwickshire Police.

1998 to 2001
Assistant Chief Constable, National Crime Squad.

Prior to 1998 Roger served for twenty two years in Warwickshire Police in a variety of roles and responsibilities, including uniform command and Head of CID.


Applied Diploma in Criminology. University of Cambridge 1997
Advanced Diploma in Organisational Management. University of Manchester 1995
M.Phil. in Criminology. University of Cambridge 1987
LL.B (Hons) 2:1 Birmingham Polytechnic 1986

Other Details

Roger is an Associate of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, University College London.

In 2001 Roger was selected to attend the Cabinet Office “Top Management Programme”.

Roger holds current “Developed Vetting” Status.

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