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What Works Masterclass: Problem solving and implementing evidence-based responses

27 September 2016


Crime Analysis

11th-14th April 2016

7-10th November 2016

Understanding Hotspots

19th April 2016

4th October 2016

Predictive Mapping

10th May 2016

6th December 2016

Hypothesis Testing Analysis

17th May 2016

Strategic Assessments

7th July 2016

Advanced Hotspot Analysis

12th July 2016

15th November 2016

Geographic Profiling Analysis

5th-16th September 2016

Neighbourhood Analysis

Date TBC

Department of Security and Crime Science

Graham Farrell

Professor Graham Farrell, Loughborough University


Graham is Professor of Criminology and Director of the Midlands Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Loughborough University. His received his PhD from Manchester University in 1993/4. He has published studies in areas including repeat victimization, mobile phone theft, crime prevention, cost-benefit analysis, policing, evaluation, domestic and international drug policy, and racial incidents in prisons. He edited the books ‘Repeat Victimization’ (2001, Criminal Justice Press, with Ken Pease) and ‘Imagination for Crime Prevention: Essays in Honor of Ken Pease’ (2007, Criminal Justice Press, with Shane Johnson, Kate Bowers and Mike Townsley).

He was previously Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati, Deputy Research Director at the Police Foundation, a visiting professor and research director of the Centre for Crime Prevention Studies at Rutgers University. He has worked at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, and at the University of Oxford, Huddersfield University, Manchester University, and the Home Office. His Loughborough University homepage is at

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