International Student Support


Academic support

English language support

If your main language is not English, the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE) can offer you a wide range of part-time courses aimed at enhancing your English language skills and overall confidence. These courses are offered during the three academic terms, starting in October, January and May each year and include Academic Reading Pronunciation & Public Speaking, Advanced Grammar and Academic Writing.

Study skills support

UCL provides support to help you gain and develop skills to make the best of your studies whilst you are at UCL. Please see the Transition web pages for further information about the support you can receive. 

Transition mentors

As part of the study skills support UCL also runs the Transition Programme. If you are a first year undergraduate you will be assigned a Transition mentor to help you settle in at the start of your course. For further information about this please see the Transition pages

Personal tutors

A member of academic staff in the department will be available for you to seek advice from, usually by appointment or during scheduled tutorial hours.

If you are an undergraduate you will be allocated a Personal Tutor but departments also have Departmental and Faculty Tutors that you can see.

Support for graduate students is usually provided by the Programme Tutor and you will also have access to the services provided by the UCL Graduate School.


Plagiarism means to to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own. In some countries this is more acceptable than others, however in the UK is an important part of your studies and you must ensure that you know what it means and you understand the universities guidelines about this. Please see the plagiarism guidance on the current students section of the UCL website

UCL Library Services

UCL Library Services is made up of 18 different library sites, organised along subject lines. Most are either on or close to the central UCL Gower Street campus. There are various language speakers among their staff who can assist you if you wish/need to converse in your mother tongue. Please visit the library Getting Started pages for more information on accessing resources and support.

UCL Museums & Collections

Some of the UCL Museums & Collections are open to the public but the rest are primarily for teaching and research and you need to book an appointment to go and see them. UCL Museums & Collections organises a wide range of events which may be of interest to you.