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Making a visa application from China or India and want to watch a fellow student's experience of visa application process? View the short films here

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International Student Orientation Programme Sessions & Events

ISOP Sessions & Events - September 2015

The International Student Orientation Programme (ISOP) will take place during the week commencing 21 September 2015.

The dates for the 'We Are All Global' ISOP talks are as follows: 

Affiliates Friday 25 September 2015
Saturday 26 September 2015
Sunday 27 September 2015

ISOP is designed to help make the transition into life in the UK and studying with us as smooth as possible for you. ISOP will cover a range of seminars and social events which will be very interactive and will give you the opportunity to meet other new and current UCL students and ask questions. For more information about the sessions please see our programme of events for the induction days.

All sessions are free of charge but you will need to register in advance in order to attend. You can register to attend ISOP when completing online pre-enrolment.

When to arrive in the UK

If you will be entering the UK using a Tier 4 student visa it is recommended that you enter the UK by 19th September 2015 or earlier.

  • New visa regulations mean that you will be required to pick up a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) ID card upon arrival at the UK. Your BRP will be available for collection from UCL and you have 10 days from arrival in the UK to pick it up.
  • You must have collected your BRP to be eligible to enrol.
  • As there will be a large number of students picking up their BRPs during mid to late September it is anticipated that you will need to factor in extra time to do this. 
  • In order to collect your BRP from UCL, you will need to enter an Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code as part of your visa application. The ACL code for UCL is 2HE484. You should enter this code into the Alternative Location field in the BRP Collection Page on Visa4UK.

You can find out more information about this on our visa & immigration pages.     

Accommodation for earlier arrival in the UK

If you are staying at UCL managed student accommodation you will be able to access your accommodation from the 16th September rather than the normal start date of 19th September. To be able to do this you will need to accept your accommodation offer and then request early entry from the 16th September using the on-line portal.

If you wish to enter earlier than the 16th September you can apply to stay at UCL halls summer accommodation which runs up until the 15th September. You can apply for this using the on-line accommodation portal. Please note that as summer accommodation is separate to normal term time accommodation you will not be allocated the same room for both periods.

If you will be staying in UoL intercollegiate accommodation you will be able to access you accommodation from 12th September once you have accepted their offer.

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