International Student Support


Right to Rent

From February 2016 all private landlords in England have been required to check their tenants' immigration status under the right to rent scheme. Please note you are exempt from these checks if you are living in a UCL student hall of residence.

Any student who is entering into a new tenancy agreement or extending their existing tenancy agreement for private accommodation after this date will have specific documents checked by their landlord or property agent.

Documents you need to provide

If you are subject to a right to rent check then your landlord, (or the property agent if you are not dealing directly with your landlord), will need to see original evidence of your right to be in the UK. The documents you need to provide are as follows:

EEA / Swiss nationals Passport or national identity card
Students with immigration permission to be in the UK Passport containing a valid visa, or valid Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Your landlord (or property agent), should take a copy of these documents and return the originals to you.  If you arrange your accommodation before you arrive in the UK then your landlord (or property agent) will check your right to rent before you move into the property.  A right to rent check cannot be carried out more than 28 days before the start of your tenancy agreement.

If you have limited immigration permission to be in the UK then your landlord must check your immigration permission again after 12 months, or before your immigration permission expires, whichever is later.

If your landlord is unable to complete the checks

If you require a visa to study at UCL, you are renting in the private sector and your landlord is unable to complete these checks, UCL can provide you with a letter which exempts your landlord from this requirement. Please note this is only available for students who are from outside the UK/EU. To use this option, you will need to provide the information below:

  • Name of the landlord/company and their address
  • The address of the property where you will be living
  • Your UCL ID card (you must be an enrolled student)

Please visit the UCL Student Centre to obtain the letter, a template of which can be accessed here. Unfortunately they will be unable to issue you with the letter if you cannot provide the information requested above.

More information on the right to rent scheme can be found on the gov.uk website.