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International Student House (ISH)

As a student at UCL you have a free membership at ISH.

Located next to Regent’s Park you can join in on our free events throughout the week and through the weekends – we want you to make the most out of being a student in London!

Karaoke on Thursdays, free cinema on Sundays, gigs, lectures and debates and a fantastic Travel Club that gives you 50% discount on trips both within the UK and London, as well as further afield to places like Budapest, Berlin and so much more!

ISH offers a great opportunity for students to mix with other students from all over the world; to experience different cultures and forge lifelong international friends. Aside from all the fun and entertaining things that we offer, ISH also has an extensive welfare and scholarships programme which you can apply for.

Can’t go home for Christmas?

ISH also provides a fabulous Christmas programme with a drinks reception, full traditional Christmas dinner, a walk around Regent's Park, films and an evening buffet all for incredibly cheap prices.

Visit the International Student House website and the International Student House events website to find out more about this home away from home.

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