Before you arrive

Pre-departure briefings

Each year the British Council organises pre-departure events for students coming to study in the UK. We strongly recommend that you attend these events where possible.

Travelling to UCL

UCL is centrally located in the Bloomsbury area and is well served by London's extensive transport system. You will find there are easy connections to UCL from all the main London entry points. More information is available on the Travelling to UCL pages.

Money matters, travel & shopping

London is a one of the world's biggest cities and can be expensive. You can find guidance on living expenses, student travel cards and places to shop on the Money matters, travel & shopping page.

Health advice

It is important to remember to look after yourself when you are in the UK and to find out how to obtain medical treatment if you need it. The Health advice pages will give you information about the way the NHS works and the type of treatment you may qualify for.

Keeping in touch

London is one of the most well connected cities in the world and can offer you a variety of ways to keep in touch with family and friends both in the UK and back home.

Opening a UK bank account

You will need to open a UK bank account to manage your money during the period of your studies. Where possible, you are advised to open an account in your home country prior to arriving here. If you have been unable to do this, our information on opening a UK bank account  will help you find out the options available to you in the UK.

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