Dynamic Networks: the uncertain passage of data, trade and people

In addition to the land, maritime, air and orbital-space environments, cyberspace is now also acknowledged as an environment - and is distinguished as synthetic.

For some, cyberspace seems to abolish space and time by enabling the remote to be brought close with instant communication from anywhere to wherever. For others, the merging of communications, computer processing and interactive media is merely a technical issue. There is scarce clarity about infrastructure, content and how the combination of the two propels innovation.

Whilst the electronic dimensions matter, it is the trust and confidence we place in data, trade, and financial and social relations, as they evolve that will inform our sense of security and resilience.

Distinctions between artificial and natural networks breakdown as environments are woven inextricably together. Nanotechnology, neurosciences and robotics are driving convergence. This RIC aims to sharpen the focus on how networks evolve through conflict.

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