FuturICT Project

A special edition of the European Physical Journal http://link.springer.com/journal/11734/214/1/page/1, Vol. 214 pp 1-666 (2012) has been published which supports the 'FuturICT' bid.  It comprises 23 Chapters authored by scientists belonging to the FuturICT community.

Links to the individual chapters are also available on the FuturICT website.

The ISRS Director, Dr Jamie MacIntosh also co-authored a chapter within this special edition, entitled "Towards integrative risk management and more resilient societies."

FuturlCT is a FET Flagship project using collective, participatory research, integrated across the fields of ICT, the social sciences and complexity science, to design socio-inspired technology and develop a science of global, socially interactive systems. The project will bring together, on a global level, Big Data, new modelling techniques and new forms of interaction, leading to a new understanding of society and its coevolution with technology. It will place Europe at the forefront of a major scientific drive to understand, explore and manage our complex, connected world in a more sustainable and resilient manner.

The FuturICT bid could not accord more strongly with the ISRS mission. Success in addressing the measures of resilience will be invaluable to FuturICT and society. Resilience can offer a graceful convergence through creating jobs and healthy competitiveness. This is vital. FuturICT is the perfect platform for delivering such outcomes.

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