Resilient Cyber Ecosytems

ISRS Chief Operating Officer and Senior Researcher, Jas Mahrra and Ian Bryant of De Montfort University, Leicester have an article published in CrossTalk Magazine - The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. In it, they discuss the intrinsic challenges to cyberspace and software.

The Abstract is as follows:

Cyberspace is recognised as the first man-made environment. Like other natural environments it cannot be controlled. Cyberspace, of which software forms an intrinsic and indivisible element, is ever evolving and an ever growing dependency for defence, yet is contingent upon a variety of diverse participants—private firms, non-profit organisations, governments, individuals, processes, and cyber devices. It is therefore vital that intrinsic challenges to cyberspace—and software—are recognised and treated such that a trustworthy cyber ecosystem can be formed.

A full exposition of the article is attached here.

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