Transformation: DIG for realism

Transformation: Delivery, Innovation and Growth for realism is the second publication from ISRS.


As today's recessions persist, the importance of making healthy innovation and transformation happen cannot be overstated.

Transformation assesses how organisations can successfully navigate these challenges.

We consider the current strategic trends, shaped by the on-going economic crises. We explain how and why organisational learning too often fails to deliver transformation. And we make recommendations fit for our evolving circumstances.

These recommendations include:

  • properly understanding the nature of information, as unexpected change, and exploiting its opportunities through hubs and clusters
  • uptake of Capability Readiness Levels (CRLs) and the development of Real Time Instrumentation (RTI)
  • addressing short-termism and creating an ethos of leadership enabling anyone to steer through uncertainty, adding value

Praise for Transformation: DIG for realism

This is a major contribution to our understanding of the real nature of change - both its pitfalls and rewards. Challenging norms in retrospect is all too easy, but pointless. For leadership determined to drive healthy innovation and future growth, ‘Transformation: DIG for realism’ is required reading.

Professor Sa’ad Medhat, Chief Executive, New Engineering Foundation Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange

We must ensure that academic contributions to innovation and growth keep pace with developments in the real world. ‘Transformation: DIG for realism’ is a timely and welcome addition to the ideas needed to promote multi-innovation in an information rich world.

Professor Steve Caddick, Vice-Provost Enterprise, UCL

This research resonates strongly with the Ultra Electronics ethos of international SMEs “flying in close formation”. It is a learning environment that highly values managerial leadership and entrepreneurship. Ultra embraces many of the ideas embodied in DIG and I fully commend it to the reader.

Douglas Caster CBE BSc MIET, Chairman, Ultra Electronics Holdings plc


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