Getting To There From Here

6 June 2011

ISRS is delighted to be hosting an interactive seminar that, with your input, we hope will layout a new programme aimed at improving the resilience of current market architectures.

On Monday 6 June, Chris Cook and Arthur Doohan will be leading a discussion on financial markets and their reform.

Monday 6 June 2011
Start: 1400 for 1415
End: 1730

Chris (ISRS Senior Research Fellow) will present on the transition from a fragile, centralised, intermediated, deficit-based architecture to a decentralised, dis-intermediated, asset-based ‘market 3.0’.

Arthur, a financial and environmental commentator (and former banker and derivatives trader), will present on the need for more flexible default mechanisms, the reform of the current banking system, possible tax measures to enhance security, and the need for ‘graceful degradability’ as opposed to ‘shock defaults’.

To ensure your place, please RSVP to Dan Fox, ISRS Coordinator, by 3 June 2011: dan.fox@ucl.ac.uk +44 (0) 20 3108 5074.

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