Coalition Wargame

20 October 2010

ISRS teamed up with Westbourne Communications to hold a three-hour wargame with some of the brightest minds in Westminster.

Wargames are a tool best used at moments of change. They allow decision-makers
to consider how different organisations can react to that change - and to each other.

In our wargame, players were chosen from the worlds of Fleet Street, Whitehall and Westminster. During the session, held at Westbourne’s HQ, they adopted a number of identities (Chancellor, union-leader, etc) and reacted to challenging events.

The results can be found here.

The objective was to define the choices facing the Coalition in the period until Election 2015. Our wargame took place days after the launch of the new National Security Strategy, the Strategic Defence & Security Review, and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

James Bethell (Westbourne)

Sumeet Desai (Reuters)

James Forsyth (The Spectator)

Dan Fox (ISRS)

James Frayne (Westbourne)

Blair Gibbs (Policy Exchange)

Mike Granatt (ISRS Senior Research Fellow)

Mark Littlewood (Institute of Economic Affairs)

Deborah Mattinson (Britain Thinks)

Dr JP MacIntosh (ISRS)

Gabriel Milland (Policy Exchange)

Neil O’Brien (Policy Exchange)

David Singleton (PR Week)

Mike Smithson (Political Betting)

Will Straw (Left Foot Forward)

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