UCL Information Services Division


Resources & Services for Visitors to UCL

 If you are visiting UCL we offer a wireless service specifically designed to provide external visitors 

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with internet access. The service is called UCLGuest

This service is provided over the existing wireless network infrastructure, so  UCLGuest should be available across the Bloomsbury campus and other UCL managed buildings.

UCLGuest does not require the installation of any software

UCLGuest can be enabled in all locations where the eduroam wireless service is available

To get online you will need:

  • A UCL userid and password (issued by your conference organiser). This is comprised of a 7 character userid and an 8 character password.
  • A wireless enabled device with a standard internet browser

On activating Wifi on your device you should see UCLGuest as one of the available networks. Check our get connected guides for further details