Facilities and Services available in Student Computer Workrooms

Desktop@UCL PC Service
Locations map Printing, scanning & copying
Wireless access (Eduroam)


All cluster rooms have Windows 7-based PCs running the Desktop@UCL PC service with LED monitors. There is also front-facing access to USB ports and headphone sockets on all computer workroom PCs. The Desktop@UCL PC web pages have more information on this service

Printing, scanning & copying

Xerox Multi-function devices connected to the Print@UCL service allow you to print, copy and scan. For more information please go to the Print@UCL pages

Eduroam (WiFi)

In addition to the PCs in the workrooms, many of the rooms also reside near eduroam WiFi hotspots, so it is also possible to get Wireless internet access via your laptop or other mobile device.