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Google Android Phone

Instructions for connecting your Google Android to the JRS eduroam service. 


  • A UCL userid and password.
Your UCL userid is provided on the front of your registration slip and must be appended with (e.g. It is not your
  • Google Android 4.3 (Jellybean).  

Connection Instructions

All users of the network must be aware of and abide by the UCL Computing Regulations » and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy » when connecting to the JANET Roaming Service eduroam.

Google Android Quick Guide

AddTrust Certificate

The documentation refers to installing the AddTrust root certificate. 

If AddTrust is not found in your certificate path, then please download and manually install the following certificate via the web link below:

Right-click (or equivalent) to save, do not open directly within your web browser!

AddTrust External Root CA (DER Encoded Binary X.509

Known Issues

  • Google Android Gingerbread 2.3.6: We are aware of an issue with Gingerbread 2.3.6 and Phase 2 Authentication. This will prevent successful authentication on the eduroam service. This appears to be a known issue as a patch is available for Samsung devices via Kies ». This is reported to fix the issue on the Samsung Galaxy Y. For users of none-Samsung devices, please refer to the manufacturer for an update.
  • Google Android Wireless Roaming Issue: There is a known issue with Google Android devices roaming on a Enterprise WPA2 infrastructure, which is what eduroam is based on. i.e. when moving from one location to another you will be disconnected from eduroam. The only know solution is to turn off/ on Wi-Fi and if this fails Forget the eduroam Wi-Fi and re-configure.
  • Google Android 2.2: There is a known bug with 2.2.x Android phones that may prevent automatic connection to eduroam » It is expected that 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) will fix this issue.  A temporary workaround to this bug is to toggle wireless off and on again. It has also been reported that Juice Defender will do this automatically (this is useful if your manufacturer will not issue an OS update).