Personal Firewall Rules

Summary Cisco VPN Client cannot establish VPN connection due to Personal Firewall.
Solution Typically a Personal Firewall will display a prompt to permit or deny the Cisco VPN Client when a VPN connection is initialised, and automatically generate a firewall rule. If your Personal Firewall does not support this feature, you will have to configure it manually with the rules specified in the table below.

Source Network Source Protocol/ Service Destination Network Destination Protocol/Service

>>> Outbound rules (from your PC to the server) >>>

Client                     ESP                                      VPN Servers *              ESP
Client                     UDP 500 (isakmp)                VPN Servers *             UDP 500 (isakmp)
Client                     UDP > 1023                          VPN Servers *             UDP 500

<<< Inbound rules (from the Server to your PC) <<<

VPN Servers *       ESP                                      Client                          ESP
VPN Servers *       UDP 500 (isakmp)                Client                          UDP 500 (isakmp)
VPN Servers *       UDP > 1023                         Client                          UDP 500 (isakmp)

* UCL VPN Servers - (Subnet Mask