Error 31

Summary Cisco VPN Client displays error message "Error 31: The certificate associated with this Connection Entry no longer exists or failed to open. Please select another certificate."

This error occurs when the RoamNet Cisco Systems VPN Client installer fails to automatically import the rootcert certificate. This error has being observed on Microsoft Windows Vista and 7.

Manually import the 'rootcert' into the VPN client.

  1. Show hidden folders, the Cisco Systems VPN Client installation folder is contained within a hidden folder. Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization (Windows 7 or XP only) > Folder Options > View (tab) > Show hidden files, folders and drives (Radio button).
  2. Open the Cisco VPN Client and select Options > Advanced Mode.
  3. Select the Certificates (tab) and from the drop-down menu select Certificates > Show CA/RA Certificates (not required but good to see what is going on).
  4. Select the Import button and set the Import Path to the temporary Cisco VPN Client installation directory (default Windows 7/ Vista: C:\Users{user_name}\AppData\Local\Temp\uclcvpn-xxx\ | Windows XP/ 2000 C:\Documents and Settings{user_name}\Local Settings\Temp\uclcvpn-xxx\ where xxx is the version number, e.g. uclcvpn-50050290).
  5. Select the rootcert file and Import.