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What is a profile?

Your profile contains the default Windows settings that apply to all users who log on to WTS. It defines your working environment and what you see on your desktop once you have logged in. This includes all the default icons, plus any icons, shortcuts or documents you have placed on the desktop yourself. If you save documents on to the desktop rather than on to your Central Filestore area, for example, then the complete document is saved in your profile area.

Each person's account has 10MB of profile space allocated to them which is used to hold your account settings. If this 10MB of space gets filled up, you will face problems when trying to use WTS.

Your profile space is completely separate from your Central Filestore area, which you use to save your documents, email etc. Because the profile is loaded at every login, the larger the profile size, the longer it will take you to login.

Large profiles can also contribute to other performance issues. If your profile is full, you may not be able to login at all. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not save any documents on the WTS Desktop, as this is the most common reason for profiles growing unnecessarily. If you need advice or assistance about saving or moving documents, please contact the Service Desk.

It is possible to add icons to your WTS Desktop for programs or files that you need to access regularly. There are two ways of doing this; you can save a file directly onto your WTS Desktop or you can create a shortcut (a link to the actual location) to a file or program.

You should save a shortcut, rather than the actual file, to your Desktop. For example, you could save a 560KB Word document to N:\wts\MyWork\word\ and create a shortcut to this file on your desktop. This shortcut to the file would take up less than 1KB of your Profile Space; whereas saving the actual file to your Desktop would take up 560KB of your Profile Space.

WTS profile space

To check your Profile Space hover your mouse over the Profile Space icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Taskbar.

If you run out of Profile Space this icon will become a red warning sign.

WTS profile warning

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