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Using USB keys on Cluster WTS

Points to note:

  • Note that to use a USB key on a Cluster WTS PC, you MUST plug in the key BEFORE logging in.
  • When you have logged in to WTS, your memory can usually be accessed as drive F:  
  • Remember to eject your USB key once you have finished and logged out! To do so:

Click on the Utilities button on the WTS toolbar. (If you cannot see the Toolbar, click on the Tools button on the WTS Start Panel)

Toolbar utilities option

An additional box will appear, click on Eject USB Key.

Toolbar eject USB

The following message will pop up:


Select the USB device and click on Stop.

You will the be asked which device you would like to stop. (If you have more that one USB key plugged in, you will see them all listed):


Select the device you want to eject and click OK.