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How is Cluster WTS different from my own computer?

Some differences include:

  • The absence of the Recycle Bin, Network Neighbourhood and the Briefcase from the Desktop.

  • The lack of a Recycle Bin means that files that are deleted will not be held in a temporary area, they will be removed from your computer permanently. Although files deleted by mistake from the Central Filestore can be restored.

  • The Control Panel in Cluster WTS does not offer as many options to that of a standalone installation of Windows 2000.

  • You are unable to customise your Cluster WTS Desktop to the extent that you can on a standalone Windows 2000 machine. You cannot install your own screensavers or set images as your Desktop background. Users can however add shortcuts to their desktop.

  • You cannot install your own software applications or peripherals (printers, scanners etc).