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Removable storage (USB/CD)

USB memory keys

When you log in, plug your USB key into the port on your Myriad machine. A message will appear that Windows has detected new hardware.

Please note: If you plan to use WTS, you must plug in your key before connecting to it.

Your USB key will likely appear under the F:\ drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Removing your USB key

To remove the key, you must stop the device first. In the system tray double click
on the USB icon:  


The following message will pop up:


Select the USB device and click on Stop.

You will the be asked which device you would like to stop. (If you have more that one USB key plugged in, you will see them all listed):


Select the device you want to eject and click OK. A message will now appear confirming that it is safe to remove your USB device.


CD-ROM and CD Writer

To Read:

Place the CD in the drive, double click on E:, you should now see your files listed.

To Write:

Please see the Writing to a CD on a Myriad PC document for step by step instructions. (PDF file)