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Saving your work

Where to save your work

Filestore (N:) Central Windows Filestore - Password protected area where you can save your files. You have a limited about of disk space (quota) on your N: drive. Learn more about the N: drive.
Filestore (R:) This is actually a link to a folder called "Rdrive" which is located on your N: drive (see above) and connects to the same files. Therefore, if you delete a file on drive R: the file in question will also disappear from your N:\Rdrive\ directory.
Temp Area (D:) System Drive - This drive is used by some applications such as CD writing software. Do not save any files on this drive.
Local Disk (C:) Local drive - This drives is for systems use only: you cannot access this area and will not see the drives listed under My Computer.

Further information about R: and N: drives see the filestore pages.

Please note: The R: and N: drives are subject to quota. Please keep a check on your quota to ensure that you do not go over your limit. Otherwise you will have problems logging in and using Myriad.