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Exceeded profile space

What is your profile?

Your Profile Storage Space contains preference files for your Myriad profile.

It is separate from your N: drive where you would normally save your files.

Exceeded profile error

If you are receiving the error: "You have exceeded your Profile Storage Space", follow the steps below to resolve it.

1. Look for the Profile Storage Space icon (bottom-right hand corner of the screen).

The status of your Profile Storage Space can be determined by the following icons:

Exceed profile space
Close to capacity
Free space available
Profile exceeded symbol
Profile close to capacity symbol
Profile symbol (free space available)

2. Double-click the icon. The Profile Storage Space window will open and you will see a list of files saved in your profile space.

(Don't be concerned if you do not recognise the names of the files listed. The majority will be custom preferences files.)

3. The largest file (displayed at the start of the list) is normally PrivacIE/index.dat.

If another file is displayed, please contact the ISD Service Desk for investigation.

Please do not delete other files that you see listed. This could cause you to lose settings unique to your account.

If the file is PrivacIE/index.dat, continue following the steps below.

4. The PrivacIE folder is normally hidden from view. To make this visible, you will need to enable system files to become visible.

Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.

5. Click on Tools > Folder Options.

6. In the Folder Options window, click on the View tab.

7. Scroll down and select the Show hidden files and folders option.

8. Untick the Hide protected operating system files option. 

You will see the following message. 

"You have chosen to display protected operating system files (files labelled System and Hidden) in Windows Explorer. 

These files are required to start and run Windows. Deleting or editing them can make your computer inoperable. Are you sure you want to display these files?"

Click Yes.

Hidden file options

9. Click Apply and OK.

10. Return to the My Computer window and type the following in the Address bar at the top of the window:

C:\Documents and Settings\youruserid\PrivacIE

This location should contain the index.dat file. This is a log file which is safe to delete (make sure Internet Explorer is closed before doing so).

Once deleted, you should notice the Profile Storage Space icon change.

If you have still exceeded your Profile Storage Space please contact the ISD Service Desk.

Now that the offending file has been deleted, please go back to the Folder Options window (explained in step 4) and make sure these settings are reverted back to its previous state.