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Files and settings

Will my files and settings be the same on Myriad as on WTS?

Data storage

A user who has logged into a Myriad PC will be able to access the same central filestore areas that are available to them through Cluster WTS. All central filestore areas is backed up in the same way on a daily basis.

Software settings

Most of the software on Myriad is also on WTS, so we have tried to configure the software so that both systems share the same settings - however your desktops will be different. Do not save files on your WTS desktop which you will also want to see on Myriad.

  • Microsoft Office

Office on Myriad uses the same folders as those on WTS. The only application which is different is Outlook - Cluster WTS runs Outlook 2003, Myriad runs Outlook 2007. Myriad has been upgraded and there are currently come version differences between software on Myriad and WTS. For more information, see the Myriad guide.

  • Internet Explorer

You will not see your favourites in both WTS and on Myriad. In addition, cookies will not be shared between WTS and Myriad.

  • Thunderbird, Firefox

If you have used any of these on WTS you will get the same settings on Myriad. If you haven't, then standard default settings will be automatically setup for you.