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Using the proofing tools (spelling and thesaurus) in Word and PowerPoint:

  1. Set the language, if the application does not guess it correctly, by going to Tools | Language | Set Language.
  2. Click on Tools | Spelling and Grammar.
  3. Ensure that the selected Dictionary language is correct. If not, change it using the up/down arrow keys.

Part of your document in another language?

If you are typing a document in Microsoft Word that is mostly in English but has one paragraph in a foreign language (in this example we will be using French), type your document as you would normally then highlight your French text and go to Language | Set Language on the Tools menu. The following window will appear:

img: spell-checking

The Language window has a list of languages that can be used for spell checking. The one that is selected is the language that is currently being used to spell-check your document.

From the list, choose the language that you wish to use to spell check your text, in this example French, and click OK.

The section of text you highlighted in your document will now be spell-checked using the French dictionary instead of the English one.

Any unselected text in your document will be spell checked in English as before