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Adding a language

If you need to type in a lot of non-English letters, and you are not familiar with a convention for using an English keyboard to achieve this, it may be worth adding a new language to your Cluster WTS session.

img: Add-Remove Foreign Languages icon To add a new language to your Cluster WTS session go to Start | Programs | Office Applications | Add-Remove Foreign Languages.

You will then see the following message:

img: Add or Remove Foreign Language Keyboards screen
Read the message and click on Yes to go to the Text Services panel:
img: Text Services  

By default you will only have English (United Kingdom) installed in your Cluster WTS account.

If you want to add a new language click on the Add... button.

After you have added a language, it will remain in your environment until you remove it.

img: Add Input Language dialog

The Add Input Language screen will appear.

Choose the language you want to add from the drop-down list and click OK.

Then click on OK in the Text Services panel to return to your WTS Desktop.

img: input locales  

Your WTS Desktop will now look slightly different. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen you will now see the Input Locale icon.

If you click on the Input Locale icon a list of your installed langauages will appear.

You can use this icon to change the language you wish to use on WTS.


Removing a language from your WTS session

Having a lot if languages installed in your account may have an effect on the performance of your WTS session. It is best to only have the minimal number of languages added to your account.

To remove a language from your WTS environment go to Start | Programs | Office Applications | Add-Remove Foreign Languages.

Read the message that appears and click on Yes. You will see all the languages that you have added to your WTS environment listed in this Text Services panel.

img: Text Services dialog when removing languages  

Select the language that you wish to remove and click on the Remove button.

(You can always re-add the language at a later date if it is required - see the instructions above).

When you click on OK the language will be removed from your WTS environment.

Note: If you remove all foreign languages, leaving just English (United Kingdom) installed you will no longer see the Input Locale icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.