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The Access Grid


Welcome to the Access Grid videoconferencing page. The topics discussed in this section are...

Access Grid Videoconferencing Suite

What is the Access Grid?

The Access Grid is a Video Conferencing Suite that allows users to communicate simultaneously with multiple sites at different locations around the world, all in real time.

General usage includes...

  • Meetings
  • Promotional Events
  • Research Collaboration
  • Distance Learning

UCL Central Access Grid at Gower Street

The Access Grid node is installed at 66-72 Gower Street  and is available for use by UCL staff.

UCL Multimedia, in the Learning & Media Services department, is responsible for the maintenance of the UCL Central Access Grid node. Technical support and training for users is also provided, and is the responsibility of Desmond Walker, UCL Multimedia's Video Communications Technologist.

The Manchester based UK Access Grid Support Centre (AGSC) run Quality Assurance (QA) tests which are held every six months for UK nodes. The UCL Central Access Grid Node passed this QA test in February 2008.

Node Details

Node ID Software Client Node Telephone
UCL – Central [] IOCOM +44 (0) 207 679 5754

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access or Wi-Fi is available in all of the UCL Multimedia video conferencing rooms. This facility can be accessed by members of the College via eduroam with their UCL username and password.

If you are organising a conference and external users would like wireless access, then you will need to apply for the VisiNet service.


All email enquiries regarding usage should be addressed to

You can also contact Desmond Walker on:

Internal Phone:   09356

External Phone:  +44 (0)20 7679 9356

Map and Directions

The UCL Access Grid node is based at 66-72 Gower Street in central London. Please select the image below to view a map of the location and its surrounding areas via the Google Maps search website...

UCL Access Grid street map