How to Guides and Help

print@UCL is a sustainable and highly available print service that allows UCL's students to print, copy, scan quickly and easily.

Print Queue Defaults

All printing is defaulted to A4, double sided, mono (black and white) and any print jobs not printed will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

The 'Print driver settings' page (link below) shows you how to change the defaults.

How to guides & help:

Pre-steps Computer Settings
At the MFD
Register your UCL ID card Print driver settings How to print
Connect to print queue Mobile Print How to copy
Print Charging
UCL Password changed?
How to scan
MFD Locations
At the MFD
Common Issues Printing Tips

A short video guide, prepared by UCL Library Services is also available below. It provides an overview of how to register your card and the functionality the devices offer.

Service and Support

The service is available 24x7, but only supported during the ISD Service Desk opening hours. ISD will aim to repair devices within 24 hours of the fault being reported to the ISD Service Desk.