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Setting up signatures

Thunderbird on WTS will currently only allow you to select one signature for each account. To create a signature please follow the instructions below:-

1. In Thunderbird, click on the "Write" button to compose a new message.

2. Once you have composed your signature click on the save icon and save it as a text file in the root of your N drive with the name of the signature.

Setting up Signatures Save Button
Setting up Signatures 2

3. To select the signature you want to use go into Tools > Account Settings. On the left hand pane click on the <account name> (e.g. Eudora Settings).

Setting up Signatures 3

4. Ensure there is a check next to Attach this Signature. Click on Choose and navigate to the location where you saved the signature to in step 2 and click open. For every new message created Thunderbird will add the signature you have selected.