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Creating a new folder / subfolder

Creating a New Folder 1

1.Highlight the <account name > for your imap mailboxes ( e.g Eudora Settings ), right click and select new folder or alternatively go into File menu and select New and then Folder.

2. Give the folder a name and select the <account name> for where you want you want to create the folder in then click ok.

Creating a New Folder 2

Creating A Subfolder

1. To create a subfolder you need create a top level folder first. When you type the folder name add a slash / on the end.

Creating a New Folder 3

2. The folder will be presented in your list of folders on the left with light shaded font colour. To create a subfolder within it right click on the folder name and select New Subfolder.

Creating a New Folder 4

3. Type the name of the new subfolder and click ok.

Creating a New Folder 5

4. In your folder list the newly created folder will be presented by a plus symbol(+) next to it. If you click on the plus symbol you should have your subfolders within it in a tree like structure.

Creating a New Folder 6