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Set up your new Thunderbird account in WTS

To launch Thunberbird in WTS, go to Start > Programs > Software S-Z > Thunderbird > Thunderbird

1. When you first start Thunderbird in WTS, you will see the following screen:

Thunderbird - New User 1

2. Select Option 1. (Setup Thunderbird account using IMAP)

3. Enter your name and userid when prompted to do so.

4. Your email account will be created, as illustrated below:

Thunderbird - New User 2

5. Your email will arrive in your IMAP mailbox list not Local Folders. You should create any new folders under your account name - not Local Folders.

6. You're all set up and ready to go!

You can customise Thunderbird to suit your needs. See the Using Thunderbird documentation for more information.