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Adding extensions

Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Thunderbird, allowing you to customise Thunderbird to fit your own needs and preferences.

Information Systems cannot provide support in the use of extensions. On occasions when Thunderbird is upgraded, you may find that your extensions no longer work. Unfortunately this is beyond our control.

Please be aware: When you save and install extensions you will be using up quota on your Central Filestore area.

Extensions which Eudora users may find useful:

  • Signature Switch [Links to external site]
    Thunderbird allows you one signature by default. This signature allows you to have multiple signatures in your account.
  • Quick Text [Links to an external site]
    This is similar to Stationary in Eudora. It allows you to set templates for text you use again and again.
Installing extensions

Each web page describes how to install the extension of your choice. In most cases these are the steps:

1. Somewhere on the page you will see an install button:

Adding Extensions.jpg

2. Right-mouse-click on the button, and select the Save Link As... option.

If you cannot see this option when you right-mouse-click, click on the Install Now button instead.

3. This will bring up the File Download dialog box. Click on the Save button and choose where to save your file.

We recommend that you save to the Thunderbird folder which is located under N:\PCSettings\Appdata\Thunderbird

4. When the download is complete, select Close.

5. In Thunderbird, go to Tools > Add-ons and click the Install button.

6. Navigate to where you saved the extension. Select it, and click Open.

7. Next you will see the Software Installation box:

Adding Extensions 1

Click on the Install Now button.

8. When the installation is complete, click on the Restart Thunderbird button.

Adding Extensions 2

9. Thunderbird will close, and restart. Your extension should now work as described on the Mozilla Thunderbird web page.

Using extensions

In order to use extensions, sometimes a new option is automatically placed in one of the menus in the tool bar. Or sometimes you are required to add a new button to the toolbar.

1. To add a new button, right-mouse-click on the toolbar and select Customise.

2. Locate your new button, and click and drag it to your Thunderbird toolbar.

If you need further instructions about an extension, please view the extension web page itself (on the Mozilla site). Unfortunately Information Systems cannot provide support for these add-ons.
Reviews on the webpage will give you some indication as to how reliable people have found an extension to be.