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Attachments are a very convenient way of sharing files. However, This can increase the size of your mailbox and in turn the quota that is used up. It can also slow down the performance of SquirrelMail. To avoid this, please think twice before sending an email attachment as there are often better ways of sharing and transferring documents.

Sending an attachment in SquirrelMail

The option to send an attachment is located at the bottom of the Compose window:

Attachments 1
  1. Click on the Browse button to search through your directory to locate the file you want to send.
  2. When you have found it, select it and click Open.
  3. Press the Add button to attach the file to your message.

Once a file is attached, a new option Delete Selected Attachments appears:

Attachments 2

This button lets you delete any attached file. Simply select the file you want to delete (put a tick in the box next to it), and click on the Delete Selected Attachments button.

You can add multiple attachments to a message.

Attachment size

You cannot attach to a message files larger than 20Mb. If you attempt to do so you will receive a bounce back message which will contain text similar to the following:

-----The following addresses had permanent fatal errors-----
(reason: 552 Message size exceeds maximum permitted)

You should also keep in mind that when your outgoing message is encoded (transport encodings are the information that allows your message to be safely sent and read.), the size increases a bit. This means that, for example, an attachment that is only 15 to 18 MB in size may push the total message size above the limit of 20 MB.

Stripping attachments from Sent Mail folder

It is not possible to strip attachments from the Sent mail folder. Sending large attachments will use up space in your Email-Unix Filestore quota. If you need to send a large attachment, you should consider using an alternative method.