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Windows Live Mail

Configuring Windows Live Mail to use secure email settings

Please note: Windows Live Mail is not supported by the ISD Service Desk. Full support can be given to Thunderbird and Outlook users only.
  • Note: The illustrations in these sections show an IMAP account,
    but the instructions are the same for POP users also.

  • Right mouse click on your UCL account in the left hand window pane.
  • Select Properties.
Windows Live account_properties
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Under Incoming mail put a tick in the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL).

    - If you are an IMAP user, the Incoming server port number will change to 993.
    - If you use POP, the port number will change to 995.

Windows Live advancedtab_secureincoming
  • Click on the Apply button to save your changes.
  • Click OK to the properties box.
  • Click Close to the Accounts box.

You will be prompted to enter your userid and password again.

You are now set up to read email securely.