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Configuring Mail2Web to use secure email settings

Please note: Mail2Web is not supported by the ISD Service Desk. Full support can be given to Thunderbird and Outlook users only.
  • At the Mail2Web log in screen, click on the Secure Login link.
Mail2web securelogin.gif
  • Then click on the Advanced Login link.
Mail2web advanced_login.gif
  • Enter the server name, eg. (You can use POP settings if you prefer. Enter: instead)
  • Enter your userid and password in the relevant boxes.
  • Next to Mail Protocol, put a tick in the box next to SSL and select IMAP4. (You can use POP settings if you prefer, select POP3 instead)
  • Click on the Check mail button.
Mail2web logindetails.gif

You are now set up to read email securely.

  You will need to go through these settings each time you wish to check your UCL email through Mail2Web.