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General email instructions

Configuring your email program to use secure email settings

Instructions on this web page are generic. Although we have provided step by step instructions for some email programs, it is not possible to document or provide help on all of them. Most modern email programs support secure connections.

Reading mail

In your email program you will find an account settings or preferences option. From there you will need to find the setting which will enable you to send email securely. You are likely to find phrases such as 'SSL', or 'Make secure connection'. Where possible select SSL over any other options presented. Options TLS or STARTTLS are not supported.

When you change your email program to use a secure connection for receiving email, the port number should change:

  • If you are an IMAP user it should change to 993.
  • If you use POP, the port number will change to 995.
  • If the port number does not automatically change then type the appropriate number in the box provided.

If you have difficulty configuring your email program, please check the software documentation for instructions on configuring it to connect securely.