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Configuring Blackberry Device to use secure email settings

NB:  Email setup on a Blackberry is done through your Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) account.  If you have forgotten your BIS login details, please contact your network operator

Configure from Blackberry Device

1.  Click onto the email setup icon on the menu screen

2.  Log in with your Blackberry Internet Service username & password


3.  Click on Email Accounts under Services.

4.  Click on the Edit button under your email address.

5.  Scroll down screen and select Advanced Settings.

6.  Select Yes under Use SSL.

Configure from your Computer

The Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) is also accessible online via your web browser. The below are the links should take you onto your Network Operator's BIS Web Portal.

The followings instructions are for Vodafone, however the steps should be similar if not the same for other Network Operators.

1.  Log in with your Blackberry Internet Service username & password.


2.  It should display your email address along with the options Edit, Filters and Delete. Click on Edit.


3.  It should then display the general email settings. Click on Advanced Settings near the top.


4.  Put a tick in the box next to SSL. The port number will change to 993.


5.  Click on Save and then Log Out.