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Please note: All 'Live' services such as Skydrive, Windows Live Spaces, Live Calendar, Office Live etc are not supported or recommended by UCL. If you choose to use Skydrive or any other 'Live Spaces' service, you do so at your own risk.

We strongly recommend that you save your files on the UCL Central Filestore.

Skydrive storage comes with no guarantees as to availability/backup/security and resides in the US which means it is NOT suitable for data deemed to be personal data by the Data Protection Act 1998.

ISD are unable to recover any lost or deleted items from any 'Live spaces' services.

What is Skydrive?

Part of Windows Live services, Skydrive allows you to store files independently of your email account.

Windows Live SkyDrive is your personal hard drive commonly referred to as “the cloud”. Your files are private unless you explicitly choose to make the folder public. 

Sky drive storage space (news from Microsoft May 2012)

Skydrive quota has been reduced to 7GB from 25GB. To retain the 25GB, a user will need to login to the Skydrive, click on the Manage Storage option on left hand-side of screen and upgrade for free to 25GB.

If users don’t upgrade this will become a paid service to upgrade. 

Microsoft's official explanation for change.