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Instant Messenger

Please note: This service is not currently supported or recommended by UCL.

Instant Messenger and its contact list are provided by Windows Live Messenger, which is a separate service from the live@ucl service provided by UCL. We will not be able to resolve issues that may result as a result of its use.

If you choose to use Instant Messenger to communicate or to share and save files, you do so at your own risk. Messages and files are sent over a public network in plain text making your data insecure. You should not use this method of communication for confidential use or for anything that you wouldn't put on a postcard!

In addition, you cannot tell if the person you are chatting with is recording your communication. You should assume that a record may exist (for eternity).

You will find Instant Messenger on the left hand side of the OWA window.

Log in to Messenger

For information on how to use Messenger, please see Microsoft's pages:

Turn off Instant Messenger (IM)

To turn off IM, you need to 'Sign out'. To do this:

1. Click on your name, in the top right corner of the OWA window.

Sign out of Instant Messenger option

2. From the resulting drop down list, select Sign Out of IM.

If you do it once it will keep IM switched off the next time you login to OWA.