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OWA - What is the Outlook Address Book?

The Outlook Address Book is a collection of address books or address lists, created from your Outlook contact folders.  Your Address Book list will include the Global Address List (GAL).

Global Address List (GAL): The address book that contains email addresses in UCL, including contact groups.

The GAL contains the names and email addresses of everyone that has a live@ucl account. 

At UCL, names in the Global Address List appear as last namefirst name

Accessing the Global Address List (GAL)

To access the Global Address List (you can do the following in either Mail, Calendar, Contacts or Tasks view:

1. Click on the People button in the top-right area of the OWA screen and select Directory to view the Global Address List.


2. Type in the name of the person you are looking for. Remember: last name first and click on the search icon at the end of the box where you typed the name.


Tip! If your search produces no results, click on the red cross (X) at the end of the box and start again with a new search.


3. When you find the person, select their name and on the right side of the Outlook Address Book window, you will see more contact details for that person.


Using the GAL when sending an email or meeting request


When you click on the To button in a new email or meeting request window, the Global Address List will appear.


1. In the search box, type the name of the person you are looking for. Remember: last name first.

2. Double click on the name of the person, and it will drop down to the Message recipients box.

3. Add more people if you need to (using the same method as described above) and click on the OK button when finished.