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OWA - Create a new meeting request


  • You can do the following in either Calendar or Mail view. The screen shots are taken from Calendar view.
  • See Button Descriptions for help on what each button is the toolbar does.

1. In the toolbar, click on the down arrow next to the New button and select Meeting Request.

New meeting request option

2. In the new meeting window, select the Scheduling Assistant tab.

3. Select the start and end time for your meeting in the top of the window.

4. Under Select Attendees, type in the names of the individual(s) you wish to invite to your meeting.

Tip! You can also click on Select Attendees to open the Address Book and search for contacts.

5. Next to each name you will notice that a red box with a white up arrow appears by default. This means that an attendee is Required. There are four possible options:

Schedule assistant required attendee icon Required
Schedule assistant optional attendee icon Optional
Schedule assistant resource icon Resource
Schedule assistant meeting organiser icon Meeting organiser (this cannot be changed)

Every time you click on the icon next to a name, it changes to the next setting.

6. As you select each name, their schedule will automatically appear on the right hand side of the window (in the availability chart).

  • A purple block indicates that the person is busy during the highlighted time.
  • The vertical lines show the start (green line) and end time (red line) of your proposed meeting request.

7. If you want to add a resource (such as a meeting room), type the name of the resource you want to add under Select Rooms.

Schedule Assistant
Repeat button

Tip! If you want to make the meeting a repeated meeting, click on the Repeat button in the toolbar.
Fill out the details and when and how often you want the meeting repeated and click OK on the box when you have finished.

Repeat meeting options

8. Click on the Appointment tab.

9. In the Show time as list, select how you want your schedule to appear for the duration of the meeting. Your choices are:

  • Busy
  • Free
  • Tentative or
  • Away
Tip! Other people will see your selection when they view your schedule and the schedules of all attendees.

10. If you want to be reminded about this meeting, click in the Reminder check box. The reminder will work for you and all the recipients of the meeting request (if they have reminders enabled on their calendars).

Please note: You will only see the reminder when you are viewing OWA. If you are working in another application when the reminder pops up you will not see it. However, if you have sound enabled, OWA should play a sound when a reminder is due.

11. Add the following details:

  • Next to Resources, add the resource you require for your meeting (such as a meeting room). The room you select will automatically become the Location.
  • Type a subject for your meeting request.
  • Type a message to accompany your meeting request.

12. Click on the Send button and your meeting request will be sent to each attendee and the new meeting will be added to your schedule. Each person who receives your meeting request can accept, decline, or accept it tentatively.