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OWA - Calendar interface


1.  Create a new event by clicking  


new event. An event can be an appointment, a meeting, or an all-day event.

2.  Use the calendars to navigate from one date to another. Shading indicates the week you’re currently viewing, and darker shading marks the current date. You can use the calendar icon at the top to collapse or expand this side of the calendar view.

3.  You can view more than one calendar at a time. This section lets you create other calendars, such as a calendar just for a specific project or to track personal appointments. You can also add other people’s calendars and select which to display. If you select multiple calendars to display, they’ll be merged into a single view with each calendar given a different color.

4.  This is another area that you can use to navigate from one day to another. Click any date to jump to that date. Or click the arrows on either end to see the dates before or after those displayed.

5.  Select the view you want, and share or print your calendar.

6.  The main window, where calendars will be displayed. Double-click any white space in this window to create a new calendar item. Or, click and drag to create a new item in the time you’ve selected.