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OWA - Create an Appointment

Tip! An appointment is a commitment that only you are required to attend, for example it could be time that you have set aside to work on a project. Read more about the difference between an appointment and a meeting.

1. In Calendar view, on the toolbar, click on the New button and the Appointment window will open.

2. Fill in the details as required:

  • Subject
  • Location
  • Start/end times
  • Show time as (busy, free, tentative,away)

You also have the option to make your appointment confidential. To do this, click on the box next to Private.

New Appointment window
Tip! You can turn your appointment into a meeting from here if you want to. Click on the Invite Attendees button in the toolbar to add people to your appointment and resources. Read toolbar button descriptions.

3. Click on the Save and Close button when you have completed the entry.