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Accept a share request

The process to accept a share request starts with an email from the person who wants to share their calendar.

1. In your Inbox, you will see an email with the subject line "I'd like to share my calendar with you'.

2. Open the message or click on it to view its contents in the reading pane (assuming that you do not have the reading pane switched off)

3. You will notice that the info bar will have a message telling you to Click Add to add this Calendar. Click on the Add this Calendar button as highlighted below in the example.

Add a shared calendar button

4. When you click the button, the message in the info bar will change to: The Calendar was added to your Calendar list <date & time>.

Calendar added with date and time

5. Click on Calendars in the Navigation Pane and you will see the newly added calendar. Depending on what permissions you have been given you may be able to see details of their calendar or just free/busy.