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To use all the features available in OWA you need to use one of these Web browsers.

Known issue with Firefox 8: There appears to be a known bug with Firefox 8 and live@ucl which results in all attachments being downloaded with the *.ashx file extension, making the files unreadable. This appears to be a bug in the OWA.

The only workaround is to revert to an earlier version of Firefox or switch to an alternative browser such as IE 9. 
Supported browser and operating system combinations

The combination of Web browser and operating system also affects which features are available.

Web browser + operating system
Supports all features?
Internet Explorer + Microsoft Windows Yes
Mozilla Firefox + Microsoft Windows Yes
Mozilla Firefox + Mac OS X Yes
Mozilla Firefox + Linux Yes
Apple Safari + Microsoft Windows No
Apple Safari + Mac OS X Yes
Google Chrome + Microsoft Windows Yes
Google Chrome + Linux No
Web browser settings

Verify the following settings on your Web browser to ensure the optimal experience when using the Web management interface:

  • Session cookies are enabled. Session cookies are deleted at the end of the browser session.
  • JavaScript is enabled.
  • The Web browser lets new windows open. Pop-up blocker settings in the Web browser or third-party pop-up blocker applications may prevent the Web management interface from opening new windows.