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Blackberry live@UCL IMAP (E-mail)

*** The following mobile phone is not currently supported by Live@UCL***

If you would like to administer (create/modify/delete) your Blackberry E-mail accounts from your PC, visit one of the following links on your computer.  Alternatively skip down the page to set up email directly from your blackberry without creating a BIS account.

Important Info - When setting up your live@ucl or any other IMAP account, you will only get forwarded your inbox E-mails.  The Blackberry will not replicate the look of your folder listings within the live@ucl Mailbox.  However when sending from your live account, a copy of the sent item will find it's way into your mailbox sent items keeping things up to date.

Visit one of the following websites depending on your network provider.







Step 1.  If you are a new customer click Create New Account.  If not log into the Existing Users section with your BIS ID and Password and progress to step 5.


Step 2.  Agree to the Terms and Conditions at the next window.

Step 3. 
Enter your Device IMEI & PIN at the next window.  This information can be found on your device in Options > Status.  Click Continue to proceed.


Step 4. 
Then Enter in the new user credentials you want to use to login into your BIS Account.  These can be anything you wish. Once chosen, this will then take you through to the E-Mail account setup page.

Step 5.  If not already directed to the setup E-mail page, click the setup E-mail button.

Step 6.
Enter your live@UCL ID and Password.  E.G  Click Next to proceed.


Step 7.  You will then receive notification the account has been created and receive a message on your phone from Activation Server informing you of this.  Click Finish to return to the E-mail accounts window and additional options you may want to peruse.  Log out of the Blackberry internet service once complete.


You are now able to see your Live@UCL E-mail via IMAP on your Blackberry

Guide via BIS Website (secure) without creating a BIS account.

By accessing one of the webpage URL's above directly on your Blackberry device, You remain anonymous and do not set up a Blackberry Internet Service account. You do however have secure access to the Blackberry Internet Service for your email settings.

Step 1.  Access one of the Web pages above directly from your blackberry (dependant on your network) using the browser.

Step 2.  When prompted, enter your full Live@UCL email address and password.  E.G  If you have already set up an account before then click the Add An Email Account option. Click Next to proceed.

Step 3.  You will receive confirmation on screen and in the form of an email the account has been set up and can now access from your mobile.  There will be a beep on your phone and a Success web page will appear. 

Step 4.  Click Finish to return to the email accounts web page now listing the new account you have set up.  Choose the Close option to leave the browser

Step 5.  Go to your blackberry menu to see a new icon for the email account you have created.  Within your account will be a message;

"Congratulations, you have successfully set up with your Blackberry device.  You should begin receiving new messages in approximately 20 minutes."

You are now able to see your Live@UCL E-mail via IMAP on your Blackberry