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Android O/S

The instructions below are a generic guide to setting up a live@UCL E-mail account with an Android based  O/S 2.1/2.2.  For Android phones below this O/S, please use the manual connection settings.

Full E-mail, Contacts & Calendar sync are available.  The HTC Desire mobile phone model was used to create this guide.

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2.  Click Accounts

Step 3.  Choose Microsoft Exchange Activesync

Step 4.  Populate the necessary fields

E-mail address - E.G

Server Address -

Username - Your Full live@UCL ID, E.G

Password - Your live@UCL ID password

Step 5.  Click Next

Step 6.  Select the data you wish to Synchronise from the server with a choice of Mail, Contacts & Calendar.

Step 7.  Click Finish Setup

You have now configured your Live@UCL E-mail, Calendar, Contacts on your Android based Mobile phone.

Important Information

  • Private calendar entries when pushed to a mobile phone retain their privacy however once edited on a mobile phone will revert to a non private event.  Private Calendar entries cannot be created from this mobile phone (yet).
  • If you are running the latest version of Android OS - Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.x) or Gingerbread (version 2.3x) and still cannot access emails (despite following the above instructions), you may need to try changing the server setting.
  • To avoid additional charges from your mobile provider, it is recommended not to use Push, but sync manually or sync at a set schedule.